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About Me

  • Love to sing annoyingly loud and out of tune in the shower (Sorry to all the people who live by me.)

  • I enjoy cooking and eating, but I enjoy it more when other people do it for me. 

  • My friends describe me as the lovable best friend. I guess they got one thing right. 

  • Huge supporter for Self-Advocacy and Self-Care

What I'm watching right now

  • Agents of SHIELD

  • Marvel Movies in Timeline Order 

  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

  • Charmed



Coming Soon!

We will be premiering our BFA Acting showcase on April 21st 1pm/3pm (PST/CST) and 4pm/6pm (PST/CST). In the meantime, check out our showcase page here!



See what people are saying about me!

"Outside of school and his career, Dung's friends describe him as a go-getter, loving, and kind."

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"They say he is 'always joking, laughing, and wanting to have fun,' while still being an 'incredible guide to everyone around him.'"


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