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Need Help With An Audition?

Hey Y'all! 
Ever had an audition that you just can't quite figure out? Not feeling confident in your tapes? Or you simply need help to enhance your tape? No worries! Help is right here in front of you - virtually of course. 
Let me help you make that good audition tape into something you are proud of and feel confident sending to casting. 

*These coaching will be virtual!


Why should you coach with me?

I have a BFA in Acting! I also have some agency experience as an intern. So I have seen a lot of tapes.

I will be your personal cheerleader and make sure that we enhance your choices rather than change them completely.

I can also be your reader. It is so important to have a great reader because unfortunately it can have an impact on your tape.

I am POC who happens to be queer! I can help with some materials that others might not.

Here is what I offer


15 min Coaching

We can look over your tape and I can give you suggestions that you can work on at home



30 min Coaching

We will go over the material and work through some rough patches. We can also film the audition with me being your reader.



45 min Coaching

I will guide you through your entire audition. From start to finish. We will coach your material and film it. We will make adjustments through each take.


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